Legal Surgical Support

What We Do

Free Initial Consultation:

At no cost to you, the medical director of Surgical-Legal Consulting will discuss your case with you to determine if our firm is the right fit for you and your client.


Whether working for the plaintiff or defense, Surgical-Legal Consulting understands medical negligence. We carefully manage each case, assuring a thorough and timely review. After receiving the medical records from the attorney, the average initial review time is 2 weeks. In urgent situations, reviews can be completed in as little as three days.

Ongoing Medical Guidance:

Upon completion of the initial case review, the attorney is contacted by our expert physician to discuss the case in detail. Written reports are also available if requested. Our physicians are available to teach the attorneys about the medical problems presented; assist them with preparation for depositions; as well as providing guidance on the different avenues available in pursuing the case from a medical viewpoint. Our experts are also available for depositions, hearings and trial testimony.

What We Do:

  • Review the medical record for initial case merit.
  • Identify the mechanism of injury and explain the process.
  • Define deviations from, and adherences to, the standard of care.
  • Identify factors and/or individuals that may have caused or contributed to the injury.
  • Summarize and interpret medical records or diagnosis exams.
  • Identify missing records or diagnostic exams important to the case.
  • Identify other medical experts who may be needed to address standards of care and causation.
  • Assist with deposition preparation.
  • Review deposition summaries.
  • Provide research for peer reviewed medical journals.
  • Assist with trial preparation.
  • Deposition and trial testimony.


Reviews are done on an hourly basis. A complete fee schedule is available upon request.